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Vincent APP by iSketchi Vincent APP by iSketchi
for :icononce-upon-a-hs:


Name: Vincent Remeir
Fairytale Character:
Itsy Bitsy Spider (nursery rhyme)
167 lbs (extra weight included because extra legs , theyre quite heavy)
September 12th

-Self-conscious:  wouldn’t you be if you looked like that?? He’s been bullied for most of his life for how he looks, he doesn’t like how he is one bit. If you complement him , he will question it at first , then love you forever X3



-scared easily: “don’t worry, its more scared of you than you are of it” yeah , this is very much true. He’s afraid of quite a lot of things but scaring people or making people mad is the thing he’s scared of the most.

-not easily angered: despite being frail and polite , if he snaps , theres no holding him back. Luckily ,hes very good at keeping his cool.

Orientation: Pansexual  (and single //wink wink nudge nudge)


Vincent wasn’t always the way he was , he was a human boy , living with his two human parents. When he was 12 years old , Vincent was growing up in a small town. His parents didn’t have that much money ,so the house they lived in wasn’t that good and he was always getting spiders crawiling in through his floor boards of his room. But Vincent didn’t mind ,he had always had a soft spot for spiders and even thought they were pretty cool , despite his parents hating them. He would always bring them to school in containers to show his friends too. But…. That had its down sides. Vincent was being bullied , for most of his childhood. This particular group of bullies took great pride in making fun of Vincent’s small size , beating him up and squashing his spiders right in front  of him. Most of the time he was ok , he would cry abit but then get over it… but one day , he had enough. He stomped down the sidewalk on his way home , sobbing and sniffling. He cried out , dropping to his knees “I just want to know why they hate me so much! I want to know why they hate the spiders so much too!”. He sat up whipping his eyes when he saw his elderly neighbour walk over to him “oh dear , are you alright? The bullies again?” she said , kneeling down next to him on the sidewalk. Vincent sniffed “how did you know?”. A strange grin appeared on her face “ I can help you if you want. I have a way that you and your spiders can get revenge”. Vincent sat up and smiled “really?? How? Ill do anything!”. The woman made a gesture , crossing her heart “I need you to make a promise , a special kind of promise”.  Vincent crossed his heart, once the words the woman had told him to say left Vincent’s mouth , he started feeling dizzy. He looked down at his hand to see it bleeding and the woman using the blood to write strange symbols on the pavement. Vincent blacked out. He woke up later , at the same place , an hour later. He didn’t feel any different , his back hurt alil but that was just probably from sleeping on the pavement. “HAH! What the heck?? Ey! Its itsy bitsy!” he turned around to see the bullies from school. He looked around , the lady was gone ,but…. what was the revenge she was talking about? The bullies snickered “and we thought you were a freak before! Look at you now! Spider boy!” one of the bullies forced his face into a puddle in the gutter. He coughed and opened his eyes again. And froze. The reflection that was once a small boy had been replaced with a creature that was nor human nor spider. The woman- no , the witch , had turned him into a spider demon. He trembled , staring at his hands “wha- wha-“. The bullies just laughed , kicking him and teasing him further. Vincent suddenly felt something over come him ,an urge, instinct?. He let out a in-human hiss and sunk his new fangs into one of the closest bullies. little did Vincent know ,what he just did would ruin his life. The bully had a allergic reaction from his venom , causing the people in the surrounding houses to come out in panic. They stared in horror at Vincent before growling and bringing out weapons. Even his own parents joined the mob , from the blood on the sidewalk they had guessed that this ‘creature’ had eaten they’re son. The mob caught Vincent , throwing him into the town river that had been flooded from the rain, in hope to drown the demon. Vincent didn’t drown though , he woke up in the next town over with a headache. From that day forth he spent his life travelling on his own , just him and his spiders, since he now knew how they felt with everyone wanting to kill him.  

Finally at the age of 17 ,he had caught word of a school that would possibly accept people like him.

"...The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the waterspout.
Down came the rain
and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun
and dried up all the rain
and the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again..."

he still loves spiders though , even after all that happened. nothings gonna change that , spiders are awesome X3

Body Type:

-Thin , pale , frail. He has a extra set of 6 spider-like arms on his back and another set of 4 on his head (2 on each side), as well as an extra 5 eyes on each side above his normal two.

-Has joined wrists ,knees, ankles ,ect like a spider.

-his eyes glow and his jaw unhinges.

-his skin IS skin , but because of the spiders exoskeleton ,its slightly cold and not as soft or pink as normal skin would be.


-hes good with any type of clothing as long as he is able to rip two holes in the back for his extra arms.

-He also sometimes wears a newsboy cap and a coat to hide the extra legs on his head and back.

-I didn’t include them in this but he also wears black gloves at all times to hide the joints on his hands.

Voice: Brief from PASWG (english dub)
Sport/Club: Photography


-he has a pet tarantula called Sarah he keeps in his bag at all times, just a warning… don’t open his bag without his permission XD

-One of his spider legs stretched out is 4 meters, that’s why he usually keeps them completely folded on his back or half folded.

-he doesn’t like scaring people at all because of how he looks, so he usually will get slightly upset or feel guilty if he does scare someone.

-he is a slightly venomous spider (not so much that you’d die , you’d just get sick for a few weeks). Hence why he usually hides his fangs behind his mask.
-Sandy: Old friend: "I met her on my travels once before inrolling in the school... she's... nice I guess, alil scary when shes mad though...."
Cupid: Teacher: "Mr valentine is a good teacher. he sometimes even helps me try and get my confidence and courage up. although most of the time he's just rambling about how he 'ships' me with people..."
Eamon: ???: "what did he even want my venom for anyway...?"
Eliza: Friend and possible love interest //shot : "shes very kind and tries to talk to me even though I know shes afraid of spiders.... shes really cute too..."
Stein: Friend (?): "hes nice , Id like to think we were friends... although , he's terrified of spiders.. which is a pity , Sarah seems to like him a lot"

Dorm Mate: Leo

Class List:

1st Hour: Geography
2nd Hour: Shape-Shifting
3rd Hour: Enchantment
4th Hour: Combat Training
5th Hour: Potion Performance
6th Hour: History & Social Studies

More of Vincent: Bug by Sketchi-Panda Vincent Touch Meme by Sketchi-Panda

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Corastar Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Cho: I-I-I-I-I-!
Cho:I-I'll try my best to be a good friend to you (and not to scream on your face)
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Cho:-whimpers- Im sorry, w-we should sometimes talk to each other s-sometimes -red faced-
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